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Ski boards

Ski boards

Ski boards (also known as "snowblades") are essential equipments used in skiboarding; these combine the latest of skis and snowboards but they are half the length of skis and twice the width whose measures from about 59cm to 153 cm.

Ski boards have twin-tip design at both front and back to improve enhanced stability and performance that is why skiers move backwards, forwards, turn 360's on the ground and perform tricks which are not possible on conventional planks.

Ski boards are used and worn in conjunction with standards ski and snowboarding boots which are attached with a non releasable plate-style binding, but some ski boards work with hiking boots for back country expeditions. Most of them have a slight hourglass shape that allows skiers to carve through and tear up the snow, maneuver in heavily wooded areas.

For beginners who do not have experience with snow sports are easier to navigate on ski boards than skiing or snowboarding. Ski boards mobile in the snowboard park and half-pipe, but these are not recommended for tricks and flips, so they are very instable because when traveling straight downhill they wobble and do not pick up speed like skis. They are also not recommended in powder because of their tendency to sink and bog down.

Types of Ski boards

Ski boards are divided into two general categories:

Types of ski board Regular ski boards are generally 75-110 cm long, symmetrical, twin tipped, and wider than traditional skis. These are turned up at both ends, and suitable for tricks so someone can think that they can ski without poles at the same way as trick snowboards or inline skates. They are used for a more freestyle approach in the park and half-pipe.
Types of ski board Long board ski boards range from 110cm but are typically no longer than 130cm. These have very pronounced waists, suitable for aggressive carving, big jumps and freeskiing tricks so they can have one of two different types of bindings such non-release bindings and full release bindings that allow skiers to traverse and climb mountains.