Skis for Racing & Carving

Skis for Racing & Carving


In this category are included all of skis that accomplish with the following features:
  • This type of ski is narrow at the waist with the stiffest flex in a company's line; outstanding edging ability at high speed.
  • It comes as either tight-radius Slalom ski or with long-radius Giant Slalon (GS) sidecuts.
  • It is only for experts who requires the most technique and strength to control
If you are an expert and race, these skis can keep up with you. Because they are constructed to handle high-speed vibrations, hold turn on the iciest slopes and go very fast. This ski is used almost always for racing. They are so skinny and so stiff means that racing skis are best kept on the groomed slopes. (Example Rossignol Radical RS)


In this category are included all of skis that have the following features
  • This type of ski possess the narrowest waists for quickness and superior edgeholding ability - 68mm to 72mm
  • And usually is the best-suited to ski groomed runs
  • These skis are suited to all ability levels
This type of skis is designed with performance on groomers in mind. Because it has a narrow waists lend excellent quickness from edge-to-edge, which means that biting onto harder snow takes less effort. Because more time carving turns means less time skidding out of them.

There are available different models for all ability levels: For a beginner is recommendable a softer-flexing ski that is easy-turning and forgiving to mistakes in technique.

Skiers more advanced folks can find skis to match their own style, be it long-radius turns at high speed or short slalom-esque arcs down the fall line.

Possess a narrow figure and stiffer flexed which make carving skis bog down and sink in softer snow and powder (which tires you out quickly), but their power on the harder stuff is unmatched. (Example Atomic Izor 9:7)