All-Mountain, Fatboys and Twin-tips

All-Mountain, Fatboys and Twin-tips

MID-FAT / All-Mountain

  • This ski has intermediate waist dimensions; more floatation in powder and stability in crud - 74mm to 88+ mm
  • And also they are designed to be skied both on groomers and off, where snow conditions are natural
  • In addition to this skis are suited to all ability levels
These skis are designed with a width to handle the variable snow and powder that is found out of bounds, but can still happily spend the day shredding up groomers. Usually intermediates looking for new challenges in the glades will appreciate their versatility.

Obviously , these skis don't have the appetite for powder as fatter skis, nor can they beat hard snow into submission like carving skis, but these are often fine sacrifices to make if you are looking for a one-ski quiver. (Example Volkl Unlimited AC3)

Super-Fat / Fatboys / My-Those-are-prodigious-boards

  • It is the fattest waist around provide buoyancy like you've been sucking helium-88mm to 105mm+
  • It is consider as the supreme float and turning ease in natural snow.
This skis are considered as the "Fat is the new thin" . These type of ski, big-waisted are targeted at those skiers who enjoy spending the majority of their time in ungroomed terrain; this means for backcountry skiers hash that mother nature whips up when she's of a mind can be a difficult, unstable, thigh-burning experience on narrower skis.

With fat skis, your turns will be more easily made and you will fall less. Skis that weight in at the heavier end of this category (100mm+) are designed to dominate powder, so make sure you have a couple other pairs of skis appropriated to New England's icier mood swings. (Example K2 Pontoon)


  • Usually this type of ski are wider in the waist for stability on rails or when landing jumps.
  • Besides, come as specific park-only models as well as in versatile all-mountain versions.
This type of skis allows you ski well in the trees and through powder because of their softer flex and wider body, but can also cut smooth arcs on groomers. (Example Volkl Dogen)