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How to choose skis

How to choose skis

A little while ago, choosing a pair of skis was a very easy task, because there were only three basic types of skis, all based on racing. However, as time passed, the number of types of skis has been on the increase and now we are enjoying the engineering marvels of the shaped ski, the focus of ski design has become more complex.

For this reason at present we can appreciate a great quantity of information about skis, as well as in ski publications or ski show. For example, during a year Ski and Skiing magazines test at least 300 models, while Ski Press may test 500 different ski models.

Finding the right skis is certainly doable, while you stay focused on your search. In order to choose the suitable skis, it is necessary you get a lot of information about this subject. For example, reading ski reviews is helpful. Usually, the Ski Press uses a percent of recreational skiers chosen at random to test skis, while the others use pros only. Almost all certified instructors are the pros, so they know their business.

Try to narrow the playing field to the field you're playing on. This means that don't grab that great deal on super fat powder skis if you only intend to ski the mid and eastern U.S. Focus, instead, on skis engineered to that snow.

Almost all of the Ski shops have qualified people who know local conditions. Although be sure to bring your ski test wish list, listen to their advice, they are more familiarized with the place and usually have good advice on what you will need.

Usually top name brands have a great variety of ski, so is more probable you find a ski for you. Whether you look at the models available from the top 10 or 15 ski manufacturers, be sure that you will find a ski to meet the snow conditions where you typically ski, your type of skiing, and your ability in each brand.

Before you buy, first try product. Because you will know what ski is good for you when you ski on it, not before. In the moment that you are trying the skis and you think the skis can read your mind, you will have found your skis.

Skis according to ability

In order to help you for choosing a suitable ski, we are going to classified according to the ability. This means it is going to be divided in five levels.

  • Beginner/Intermediate
    Probably you're comfortable on green and blue runs and perhaps venture onto the occasional red. In addition you may even be a first week skier. Certainly difficult and icy conditions cause problems.

  • Advanced
    If you want ski most of the mountain, probably you will do it, although certain conditions could affect this. If you want to be keen to improve your technique on the bumps or in off-piste conditions, you will need tuned skis.

  • Expert
    Usually, they search out the most demanding runs, they are accomplished in all types of turns and they look for skis that provide stability at high speed. They can handle the bumps and variable conditions both on and off the piste.

  • Race
    Probably you are a sponsored skier, or an accomplished racer, and you train hard for their skiing and love a challenge.