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Ski length

Ski length

Once you have chosen the Ski Type you need, you then have to choose the appropriate Ski Length. This point also is very important, because it greatly influences your performance in Skiing. Further you will be uncomfortable in Skiing without a proper Ski Length. The Ski Length usually vary as skier progress from short to longer Skis, or nose-height Skis at the start, then Head-height when you feel a bit more assured.

For instance, as an adult beginner, you would start on something around 150-170cm.

Whether you grew more confident, you would aim for a ski your height plus 20cm. If you liked speed, it may be a bit longer, a bit shorter if you liked ease of turning.

Since the invention of carving skis, many things have changed radically. This produced the new skis are taken up to 20cm shorter than traditional 'skinny' skis. Now short is cool and even racing skis are shorter and shapelier.

Often most carving skis should reach between your nose your forehead. But you have to take into consideration the type of skiing you want to do, your level and your weight; a ski can't tell how tall you are - only how heavy you are.

In general for beginner or like to ski slowly, then go shorter - for ease of turning and control. In case you want to ski fast and hard, turn little and have better stability, or if you want extra flotation in the powder, then go for a longer length