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Skis Types

Types of Skis

Nowadays there are a lot of different types of Skis available in the market, and each one of them has its own unique features and applications. For this reason it is very important to get familiar with the various types of Skis for you to choose the kind which is suitable to where you will be skiing. Each type of Ski is designed to be used in a specific Skiing type.

Alpine Skis

These types of Skis are precise, fast, and excellent for hard groomed Pistes. They are designed to be able to turn easily. Another feature is the Ski Bindings securely fasten the foot to the Ski at toe and heel. Besides also it has a mechanism that detaches the Ski from the foot in case the force applied goes beyond the preset value. And the main feature is that Alpine Skis are suitable for advanced to race levels.

Freeride Skis

These are considered as good all round skis, as comfortable on piste as off it. These skis provide enough fat to give novice off-piste skiers enough float to cope with powder conditions but thin enough for edge to edge speed on piste. Although usually these type of skis are used when you have already mastered everything that the Ski area had to offer.

They are the best option for tough conditions. Freeride Skis is able to float through Powder Snow, cut through Crud Snow, and even slice through Slush Snow. This type of Skis is recommendable for advanced, expert race skiers.


This type of ski is differenced by its double width that attaches to both feet in modern front entry boots. During the 1980s its use was more common, at present the monoski is used by only a few thousand enthusiasts worldwide. Besides, monoski is produced by approximately half dozen companies worldwide in limited quantities. Due to its unique features as its extra width and flotation in deep snow, skiers claim to be a superior powder ski.

Telemark Skis

Telemark Skis are downhill or touring Skis, the binding in a Telemark Ski attaches only at the toe. This type of Ski was the first ski with an inwards-turned waist which made it much easier for skiers to turn. Also It was pioneered by Sondre Norheim of Telemark, Norway.

Cross Country Skis

Skis in Cross Country Skiing are very light and narrow, and have parallel edges, although some modern skis have a slight sidecut. Just like in Telemark skis, the binding in a Cross-country Ski attaches only at the toe. In this type of ski the most often binding systems used are: Rottefella's NNN, Salomon's SNS profil, and SNS pilot. Cross-country skis have waxed based to reduce friction during forward motion, and kick wax can also be applied for adhesion when walking uphill. Also some waxless models may have patterns on the bottom to increase the friction in case the ski slides backward.

Backcountry ski

Skis for mountain/backcountry/cross-country free range skiing, for this reason they are designed for skiing on unbroken snow where an established track is lacking. Their principal characteristic is quite wide (10 cm and greater), and with cable bindings to provide general sturdiness, and to better extract ones feet from deep snowbanks, in case it should be impossible to reach the bindings by hand.

This model also is used by military forces trained to fight in winter conditions. The widest backcountry skis are known as "Big Mountain" skis.

Mogul ski

They are characteristically softer, less wide and less waisted compared to a common carving ski; generally these skis are designed for moguls.

Ski jumping ski

Skis designed for ski jumping are long and wide, and their bindings attach at the toe.

Freestyle Skis

Freestyle Skis have a special design, because aerialists make use of Skis which are lightweight and move out of the way when maneuvering in mid-air.These skis are designed in order that they can transport by skiing straight to the quick and responsive Skis to aid them through a Mogul field with a tight control and with many turns. As well as Acro-skiers require a different


Skis for Racing & Carving
Mid-Fat / All-mountain & super-fat / Fatboys / my-those-are-prodigious-boards
 Skis for Racing & Carving
These types of skis are used in different winter sports, so they have features based on standars.
 All-Mountain, Fatboys and Twin-tips
These types of skis are used in different winter sports, so you must know their features to choose the proper skis.