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How to choose a ski school

How to choose a ski school

This exciting sport is not practiced just on winter, there is land on the world with glaciers, which allow practicing skiing all year round, for example at Tignes, in France.

The best and safer way to learn ski is signing-up on a Ski School for beginners. If you want a lot of fun it is not enough that you know the basic techniques and skills. It would be recommendable you have someone who can show you the right way of doing the techniques and can give you pointers before you hit the slopes.

Instructions to find a good ski school

Whether you decide choosing a ski instruction program for yourself or your child, you'll sure to choose the best possible school for the time and money assigned. Usually, most of the ski resorts have their own ski schools, or you will find one located nearby. Here, you will find some tips to choose a good ski school.
  • Before you go, search online information about this place. Such as: The age and ability levels of the people that need instruction and what program the resort has to offer.

  • You can choose the type of lesson that you prefer, which may be group or private. Usually kids get more fun in group lesson with other children of their own age, and the desire to stay with the group provides motivation.

  • Ask about instructor qualifications. To learn just about up through wide-track parallel skiing, it's possible you need a PSIA-certified Level 2 instructor, but if you are looking for advanced instruction, you may need a Level 3 instructor.

  • Finally, take a time to evaluate the class. If the instructor is able to explain technique in easy-to-understand terms, analyze your ski form and give appropriate feedback and adjust the difficulty level to your individual needs.

Tips & Warnings

If you want to enjoy pleasant moments without any setback, consider the following warnings:
  • Comply with the regulations the ski school has set, like the minimum age, take an honest assessment of your child's ability to enroll into the right class.

  • Some times a group lesson may still be preferable to a private lesson, whereas costing less money, due to usually the higher ability levels have smaller class sizes, it's possible you get one-on-one instruction for the cost of a group lesson.

  • If you are providing your own equipment, have your instructor evaluate it for safety and proper fit, especially if it is used or older equipment.