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Ski simulators

Ski simulators

Ski simulators are training devices for skiers who prefer to exercise in a way that feels like true skiing in the comfort of their home. They have the great advantage of portability and can be placed indoors, permitting training in any season. Nothing will compare to skiing on the real thing, but novice skiers can practice this sport whenever they want.

Ski simulators are a way of learning to ski or improve on and hone skills for expert skiers, especially in the off season. These simulators reproduce the basic corporal movements involved in downhill skiing such as a set at different angles relative to the horizontal plane, and a handrail for equilibrium purposes. The simulators also have available variable options of slope and breakage.

Benefits of Ski Simulators

  • It is safe without risk crashing and being injured every time.
  • It permits users to improve skills in balance, anticipation, rhythm, stance and reflexes.
  • It contributes to cardio-pulmonary capacity and increased muscle tone.
  • It develops skills in a practical, comfortable and economical manner.
  • It strengthens all of the right muscles.
  • It improves joints stability.
  • It gets you ready for the feel of skis.
  • It is so complete, so perfectly and ideally catered to professional skiing.
Ski simulators will just be more fun for expert skiers than other ski exercises. It is not the same as skiing in all senses so the feel of wind on the skiers' face and thrill of risk. However, simulators are much closer to the same experience than running or swimming. Keep in mind. These are not only for learning to ski, but because they simulate the experience of skiing so well, they also help build up muscles to get used to skiing.


Consider that goals you plan on getting when choosing a machine so ski simulators cost between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. There are different types of ski simulators such as The Nordic Track that provide the most efficient aerobic workout, whereas the Pro Fitter and the Skier's Edge are best for simulating alpine skiing.


Ask a friend or trainers to spot you on the machine until you become accustomed balancing. When you start practicing in the ski simulator, begin with slow movements and consult your physician if you are new to this type of exercise.