Backcountry skiing

Backcountry skiing

Backcountry skiing consists in skiing in places and terrain that have not been altered by people, sparsely inhabited rural region over ungroomed and unmarked slopes or pistes, and more important, yet the land and the snow pack are not monitored, patrolled, or maintained.

backcountry skiing is considerate one of the most relaxing, pleasant and rewarding activities of the live. You can the opportunity to enjoy the terrain you travel through, and you can also enjoy the solitude that a little effort will bring. On the other hand this sport can be as comforting as dangerous, due to the avalanche risk, the exhaustion from the possible climb, and the often steep terrain involved.

Types of backcountry skiing

We can classify basically two types of backcountry skiing:
  • Overland ski touring, this sport involves the cross-country like skiing. The skier will try to cover terrain, see the sights and simply be away from more well traveled roads.

  • Mountain ski touring, this sport consists on climbing mountains and downhill skiing. Skier's legs, lungs, and stamina replace ski lifts, but again the most important factor is getting away. Mountain ski touring is usually done in mountainous regions outside of alpine ski resorts.


To enjoying a good day on the snow, don't forget taking into account the following tips:
  • learning the skills that are needed
  • choose ski routes that are appropriate (for your skill level, and or the weather and avalanche conditions on that day).
  • exercise caution if you obey these advices, backcountry skiing will be safe for you. Without these skills and without thoughtful decision making, backcountry skiing will be very dangerous for you.