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At the beginning, Freeskiing is originated as ski for fun, as opposed to training or racing. This sport has grown in popularity in recent years due to it being part of the X Games, and because of the influence of riders such as Seth Morrison, Tanner Hall, and Pep Fujas.

Currently, Freeskiing is considered one of the most dangerous winter sports around, because it is developed on ungroomed, often extremely steep mountains that are often only accessible by hiking or helicopter, in that mountains, there are no marked course, groomed trails or time clock.

The route is choose by skiers, through the world's toughest natural terrain including steep cliffs, rock faces, trees and even avalanches. In addition to "Big Mountain" Freeskiing encompass backcountry aspect of skiing and also skiing in specially constructed snow or terrain parks, which contain a variety of jumps as well as boxes and rails for the skiers to slide on.

The free in freeskiing alludes to skiing outside artificially-set limits such as race gates and ski area boundaries.

Freeskiing competitions are usually developed in the remote backcountry - far away from the chairlifts and the ski bunnies. Freeskiers always have tackled the most dangerous and difficult terrain of such places as the Alps, the Coast Mountains of Canada and the Colorado Rockies.

Judges usually rate the route or line that skiers choose, technique, their aggressivity, how in control they ski and how fluid their run is. Skiers will get more point, when choosing a unique and difficult route, but if they get stuck or fly out of control, unfortunately they will lose points.