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Ski jumping

Ski jumping

Ski Jumping has originated around the beginning of Skiing, but it has became popular type of Skiing that can be called a separate sport in its own right. Besides it is known as the oldest forms of Skiing competitions.

Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers go down an in run with a take-off ramp (the jump), attempting to go as far as possible in a smooth flight. It is really more like flying than jumping as the distances traveled cannot realistically be called jumping.

Moreover, judges give points for the length that the skiers jump, and also for the jump style. The skis used for ski jumping are wide and long (240 to 270 cm). Ski jumping is mainly a winter sport, accomplished on snow, and is part of the Winter Olympic Games, but can also be accomplished in summer on artificial surfaces (porcelain or frost rail track on the inrun, plastic on the landing hill).


  • Individual Normal Hill
  • Individual Large Hill
  • Ski Flying Hill
  • Team Event
In Ski Jumping competitions, judges give points to the participants based on both distance and style. Distance is measured using measuring devices, that are operated by separate distance judges. Every jump has a critical point which is the point to which all jumps are likened. Bonus points are given for jumps beyond the critical point and points are deducted for jumps before the critical point, this bonus and penalty points are given per meter.