Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering is a snow sport, which comprises the techniques of skiing (generally ski touring) and technique of mountaineering (the use of skis for ascending and descending mountains).

The skier has the aim to climbing amazing mountain by a worthy route, after that, skiing mountain down an elegant line, preferably from the summit.

For ski mountaineer it's common to climb otherwise inaccessible or dangerous slopes on foot using a range of mountaineering equipment - typically crampons, ice axes and ropes - while skis are carried strapped to their backpack; this way, skiers will access to extreme slopes, or transit through otherwise impassable terrain in order to continue beyond on skis, where normal ski touring equipment such as skins and harscheisen (ski crampons - also called couteau or cortelli) are used.

Of course, it's necessary mastering the different skills and techniques needed in both Skiing and Mountaineering, because climbing a mountain covered in snow or going down a steep descent is certainly not an easy job. It's possible, you prefer to go Cross Country Skiing and learn how to tackle trials of varying levels of difficulty.

Ski Mountaineering demands a good physical and mental condition, it is crucial to be fit and proficient in the ins and outs of the two activities. So understanding and avoiding the risks involved and learning how to respond to different situations are also important aspects of this activity.