Newschool skiing

Newschool skiing

Newschool skiing is a snow sport, a type of skiing, that involves advanced tricks, jumps, and terrain park features, such as rails. Newschool skiing originated in the late 1990s at that time freestyle skiers were discouraged by constrictive laws placed on the sport by the International Ski Federation (competitive skiing's governing body, known by the acronym "FIS"), began trying their tricks in what were at the time snowboard-only terrain parks.

This type of skiing is considered a combination of the growth in popularity of snowboarding as well as the progression of Freestyle skiing. Newschool as opposed to freestyle, big mountain, racers, etc., are often found in terrain parks, which are designed specifically for tricks. Newschoolers, skier who practice specifically this style.

Types of Skis

In newschool, there are basically three kinds of skis, which are:

Powder ski, is more wide (also known as fat within the ski industry) and at times has a higher tail, in this way, it will support switch powder landings.

All-Mountain ski is an average width and is as well good on both groomed and powder.

Park ski, is usually designed with a more symmetrical shape make backward, or switch, skiing much easier, besides this ski is specially built for * jibbingand jumps.

* jibbing refers to skiing on anything other than snow such as rails, barrels, walls, etc.

Newschool terrain

Backcountry, also called or off-piste, is referred to any skiing outside the prepared or marked trails. This form of skiing is considered the most mortally dangerous because of the high speeds, large drops, and avalanches.

Park, is about skiing on man made features provided by the ski area such as jumps, rails, boxes, halfpipes, etc.

Urban, This involve any skiing in urban areas, including handrails, wallrides and drops off of stairs or buildings is referred to as urban skiing or jibbing.