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Snowboarding is one of the fasting growing winter sports, which involves descending a snow-covered slope on a snowboard that is attached to one's feet using a boot/binding interface. This sport is similar to skiing, but based in surfing and skateboarding. The main appeal of this sport is the risk associated with it. Generally younger people (who enjoy "living on the edge") like the freedom that comes with the speed, the jumps and the daring board tricks. This sport has been developed in the United States in the 1960s and the 1970s and in the year 1998 became a Winter Olympic Sport.

Snowboarding Styles

In order to practice Snowboarding, it's important, first to choose the style, that you want to use; this style will largely determine how you ride, what Snowboard Equipment or Gear you will be using, and where you will be riding. All of these styles are very exciting and has its own group of fans, community, and competitions. If you want to know more about this styles, it's recommendable you explore one of the following Snowboard Riding Styles:


Freeriding, this style is also called as "all-mountain Snowboarding". It is recommendable be practiced by beginners, because all you need to do is ride down or up a mountain and explore everything there is out there.


This style includes mostly aerial tricks like spins, which makes itself different from Freeriding, flips and grabs.


This style is the best choice for people, who seek speed. Skiers can enjoy going into full throttle with this one but it requires full strength and concentration to help you focus more on the race.


Splitboarding is a new activity into world of the winter sports, but it is already gaining popularity among avid skiers and snowboarders.