Telemark Skiing

Telemark Skiing

Freestyle Skiing is compound by series of Skiing techniques and acrobatics. In this type of Skiing alone, we can observe a lot of Ski Tricks executed by Freestyle enthusiasts.

Telemark skiing is fun, exciting and entertaining sport, it's for this reason its popularity increasing rapidly because it feels GREAT and it works really well off-piste. The "telemark" itself is a turn that is alternately led with the heel flat on the outside, while the inside ski is pulled beneath the skier's body with a flexed knee and raised heel for the next turn.

Telemark Equipment


Telemark skis are just as alpine skis, for this reason many Telemarkers use alpine skis to practice Telemark. Recently all the large manufacturers of skis have a Telemark-selection with skis specifically built for Telemark


Although leather boots are still used, it's more common durable polymer. Polymer boots feature a bellows above the toes, which will allow the necessary flex for a telemark turn.


Bindings hold the Telemark boot to the ski by the toe only, this bindings follow the trend of boots, becoming more performance-oriented and stronger to stand up to the large, stiff boots and skis. Most modern bindings fit the 75mm "nordic norm" (refers to the width of the toe duckbill), nevertheless, binding manufacturers have started to experiment with newer boot-binding interface methods.


For those taking to the wilderness, climbing "skins" usually are used on the bottom of the ski to climb uphill.

Competition Events

  • Telemark Giant Slalom
  • Telemark Classic
  • Telemark Sprint Classic
  • Mountain Telemark
  • U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Telemark Championships
  • Sun Valley Tele Series
  • Telemark Festivals