First slides

First Ski slides

After learning basic stances in skis, novice skiers must learn movements on them.
  • First, taking into account the place where we are going to do our first slides. For this is convenient going to zone of debutantes.

  • We will verify that our boots are perfectly closed and all of our material is correctly adjusted.

  • We will hold our poles correctly, adjusting the straps to avoid to have to do an excessive force to impulse us over flat ground.

  • We will begin walking on a flat zone, without inclination. Previously it is always convenient doing warm-up exercises, putting up skis, several times with each foot.

  • After walking awhile, we try to start to slide. For this we will impulse us with the poles. The flat ground will force us to do an extra effort to slide us, but this allows us stop without having to do especial motions.

  • After, we have adapted to material and to milieu, and we have lost the initial fear to the movement on an unknown land; we are going to go at slope to do a new slide. Of course, we select a slope with not much inclination that allows us to sliding without a lot of effort, but that doesn't make to go us a lot of velocity. It's important, this slope, ends up in a plain for we can slide until we will decelerate us without effort.

Elemental Parallel

Elemental parallel is the simple turn, which we can apply at the slopes little inclined, always beginning with not much velocity.

As soon as we eliminate the initial pressure, we will get to furnish more speed for our skis, which will spontaneously tend to place in parallel; At that point it will enough whether we get carried away, trying to link a turn with another.

Pushing with the feet

Pushing with the feet is a good technique, that can be applied a lot of spins. With this technique we will get to impress the force to the spin and therefore the desired velocity. In spite of that it isn't a very useful technique; often it is very useful when skis slip too much at the end of a spin.

This technique consists in crossing the hip; we will focus on pressure underfoot along the spin. At first that pressure will be constant along of all of foot; we will try to modify this pressure on our side. At the start of the spin we will try to feel the pressure in front of the feet. According the spin is completed, the pressure is going to transfer to behind. When the spin finalizes, the pressure is transfer on to heel.