Skiing at steep slopes

Skiing at steep slopes

We can see two types of these slopes:
  • Slopes with deep terrain

    Skiing at a deep slope, it is necessary to accomplish short-range spins with a loud retention.

    We should follow the following steps in order to achieve this:

    • While you turn, move your thigh in, bordering with his skis.

    • Try to feel how the pressure increases under his heels.

    • This pressure is one of the more important parts of this technique; because with it you will create the necessary base which you will have to give a small jump from, this pressure has to make you land a little more down from slope, if you desire, in another direction.

    • Try to landing softly, doing that his skis slide to repeat the maneuver again.

  • Slopes with very steep terrain

    These lots are the ones that cause what normally we know like extreme ski.

    • Begin the spin as you did at the slopes of less inclination: While you turn, move your thigh in, bordering with his skis. Try to feel as the pressure increases under your heels, to create the base you will jump from.

    • The difference will be in the spin, you will have to jump with an retraction action of leg and rolling on his skis with the feet.

    • Land with both feet at the same time and be prepared to hammer strongly the walking poles into snow.


They are planks that are much more easy to drive, with these skis, it's possible to reach incredible velocities minimizing the effort accomplished; The carving, as any new technique, will require a series of adaptations in its form of skiing. The most important are:

The body should accompany the bend:
We should keep always the same direction that is marked by the trajectory of the displacement. Consist in to find one slide way that result the most natural possible.

No skidding:
In spite of the skid were something common and even necessary with the traditional ski, it proves to be a grave error with the carving. No skidding will take us, to obtain great velocities.

Simplification of the spin:
We should change the weight to turn with the traditional skis, sticking the edge and accomplishing an directive action with the skis ( delaying one and advancing the other one ); Well then, with the carving only we will have to change the weight of the body displaced to one side and the especial form of these skis will get to turn us without necessity neither to delay them nor advancing them.

We only need to stick the edge to produce the spin. The carving technical key is based on being able to keep perfectly centered on the board, leaning on your ski outside.

How to stick poles correctly

The adequate place is toward in front, at the zone understood between the spatula of the ski and the tip of the boot.

We should know that if we stick by the rear or too much separated from our body, our position will fall behind, which can give to place balancing or rotations that without doubt will be harmful for our goal.