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Ski terms

These are the most common Skiing Terms, Definitions, Slang and other words currently stored in our Skiing Dictionary. A one way to understand skiing is to know the different terms and slangs used in this sport that is why, in skiing dictionary you will find the most common Skiing Terms, Definitions, Slang and other words currently stored in our Skiing Dictionary. While you expand your knowledge, you will enjoy this sport and you will feel familiar with other people who practice this sport.




AERIAL: It is a type of skiing competition in which competitors ski a ramp leading to a high kick-off jump and then perform aerial flips, twists, and turns.

AFD: This term means Stands for Anti- friction Device. And it consists in a small and smooth pad located directly behind the toe-side piece of the Ski Bindings.

ALL-MOUNTAIN SKIS: These are designed to perform in all type of snow conditions and at most speeds.

ANGULATION: Bending in of the ankles, knees, and hips in any direction with the purpose of achieving a higher degree of the ski edge.

APRèS-SKI: Make reference to the night life after a day of skiing. You can spend time socializing - drinking, shopping, eating out, etc.

AVALANCHE: It consists in the sliding of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain. This is considered as one of the major dangers during winter.

AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVER: It is also known as an ARVA (in Europe) or Beacon. This is a device worn when skiing off-piste in order to find party members caught in an avalanche.

AXIS: It is an imaginary line representing one dimensional direction. Any distance can be show by 3 measurements along 3 different axis at 90 degrees to each other.


BASKET: It is part of ski Poles and consists in a round, usually flat, disc located near the Ski Pole Tip. BUMPS Moguls is also known with this term.

BINDING: It is the connector between the ski boot and ski. In the event of a fall, the skier is able to twist out of the binding to release the ski.

BLACK DIAMONDS: these are the color and symbol to mark advanced ski trails. Frequently, these trails are difficult to ski and have advanced terrain.

BLACKOUT: It is a day is a day when you use a season pass, but your season pass is not valid and you must purchase a normal lift ticket if you wish to ski that day.

BLUE BIRD DAY: It is a beautiful sunny day after an overnight snowfall. This is a perfect skiing day with a clear blue sky, bright sun, and fresh snow.

BOMBER: A person who skis too fast or out of control.

BUNNY SLOPE: This is a gently sloping hill on a ski area, which is usually used by novices for learning to ski.

BUMPS: Another term for Moguls.