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Ski terms C - F

Ski terms




CAMBER: It is the amount of space beneath the center of a Ski at the time it lays on a flat surface and its weight rests on the Tip and Tail.

CANT: Refer to ski edge

CHOKABELIS: This term is used to choke last minute in a competition by acting cocky. That means a cocky tweak leading to disastrous results.

CHOWDER: Fresh powder that has just been rained and sometimes resulting in chowder soup.

CARVING: Make turns on the ski or snowboard with the edges cutting into the hill.

CROSS- COUNTRY SKIING: You can practice this activity, if you want more peaceful and cost-effective mode of exploring backcountry wilderness.

CRUD: This is a type of Snow or Snow surface characterized by an uneven surface with lumps of soft Powder-like Snow and slippery patches

CRUISING: Make a long run at less than breakneck speed.


DAMPENING: It describes a tool or a technique to reduce vibrations of skis or snowboard at high speeds.

DELAMINATION: Separation of a laminate along the plane of its layers with the molded layers on a ski and snowboard separating.

DIN SETTINGS: This acronym means Deutsche Industrie Normen. This is an internationally agreed scale to ensure that Ski Bindings worldwide release under the same force.

DUROMETER: The measurement used to determine the hardness of a plastic ski boot shell.


EDGE: Makes reference to the metal strip found at the bottom corners of Skis. FALL LINE It is referred to the line that follows the general slope of the hill.


FALL LINE: A fall line is the line that follows the general slope of the hill.

FLEX ADJUSTMENT: It allows you change the amount of resistance to the forward movement of your ankle.

FLEXIBILITY: It is an essential physical conditioning, which prevents you from Skiing injuries.

FREESTYLE SKIING: This is a type of Skiing which incorporates techniques in Skiing and acrobatics.

FRENCH FRY: Put skis together and go straight down the hill.

FROSTBITE: It occurs when body parts are exposed to extreme cold temperature for a period of time.

FROZEN GRANULAR: It is typically a result of frozen snow that has been groomed repeatedly.

FRUIT BOOTER: It is a skier who skis on mini skis.