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Ski terms G - R

Ski terms




GARLAND: It refers to series of fake turns leading the skier to a fall line.

GLADE SKIING: Skiing between trees.

GONDOLA: It is also called Cabine Lift, and considered the largest and most comfortable Lift.

GRAB: Hold onto any part of skis or snowboard in the air; used to add both style to a trick and to maintain balance.

GRANULAR SURFACE: A term for snow that has been packed down and possibly groomed.

GRASS SKIING: In other words it is simply Skiing on grass. It is an all-year round Skiing Discipline, which is performed on grassy slopes using special equipment.

GREEN-CIRCLE TRAILS: These trails are for beginners and novice skiers. They are gentler slopes than black trails, usually with flatter terrain.

GROOMING: The most common form of trail maintenance to spread new snow and smooth over bumps and other obstacles.


HALFPIPE: It is created by carving a channel out of massive piles of snow, but it can also be dug out of the ground in areas with minimal snowfall.

HARDPACK: Snow densely packed due to repeated grooming or skiing and the lack of fresh snowfall.

HELI SKIING: Is a type of Skiing which allows you to ski on infinite slopes with untouched Powder. In Heli Skiing, a helicopter is required to take you where normal transportation cannot reach.

HERRINGBONE: This refers to the technique of moving upwards.

HYPOTHERMIA: This is a life- threatening condition that consists of the body temperature of the person has dropped dramatically below normal

HUCK: Slang term for launching off a jump.


IN-BOUNDS: It describes ski terrain inside the boundaries of a ski resort; the opposite of out-of-bounds.


KICK: Make reference to the amount of uphill steepness a jump.

KICKER: It is a jump in which you may try to do some kind of move.


LAST: It describes the interior shape of a ski boot.

LASTED LINER: It describes the best type of liner constructed around a mold of actual foot size for an improved fit.

LIFTIE: A slang term for a ski lift operator.


MAGIC CARPET: A conveyor-belt like surface lift. It is only found on smaller, bunny slopes where kids learn to ski.

MID-FAT SKI: Another term for an All-Mountain Ski.

MOGULS: These are bumps carved into the snow, they are created by the turns of skiers or carved out for perfectly shaped mogul field.


NASTAR: It is an acronym for National Standard Race. It is a worldwide program that allows ski racers of all ages and abilities.

NO-FALL ZONE: An sector in which falling will likely lead to serious injury.


OFF-PISTE: Areas that are not marked on trail map and sometimes used in place of backcountry.

OVERSHOOT: Occurs when a skier hits a jump at a speed much faster than their comfortable with and gets way more air and distance than they are comfortable with, usually resulting in a crash upon landing


PISTE: French word for "trail".

PIT ZIPS: Jacket zippers under armpits that allow user to circulate air through jacket on sunny days.

PIZZA: Snow plough or to slowly come to a halt.

POWDER: This refers to freshly fallen, soft Snow.

POWER STRAP: Velcro strap at the top end of a ski boot to make sure the connection of the calf and shin.

PRERELEASE: It occurs when your Skis come off earlier than expected.


RACING BOOT: It is designed for racing, and often these are more narrow than the average boot.

RALLIED: It is a crash really bad or getting hurt or getting owned

ROLLER SKIING: Involve of another all-year round Skiing Discipline, since it is done by skiers who continue training in the off season.

ROPE TOWS: They are the simplest Surface Lifts and consist of a loop of rope with knots that move around and around

RUNOUT: An expansive area at the end of trail that allows racers to slow down, as well as a fairly flat run.