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Ski vacations

Ski vacations

In a Ski vacation it is important to choose a resort in accord with type of trip that you wish. For instance, if you want to travel with your family you will have to take more thing into account than when you travel with you friends.

So for family travel is necessary to choose a resort that is geared towards families and children. And don't forget that not all ski resorts are suitable for beginner skiers. Although, most areas roll out the welcome mat for new skiers, but, there are some resorts where the terrain and services are geared toward satisfying the wants and challenges of the advanced skier.

So if you have planned a full family ski vacation, there are a few things you should know that can help you on how to plan a great trip and save money all at the same time.

Choose a Resorts

Generally mountain in the West are steeper and longer with more difficult runs, since here the terrain is far more difficult for cross-country skiing and there are also more natural powder snow. Opposedly in the East, mountains are generally not as tall and steep, so the runs are shorter for downhill skiing.

You can find many Ski resorts that are geared toward the new and beginning skier. Try to look for a resort with a dedicated area for new skiers, including a slow, easy means of transport to the top of the learning hill, a package deal that includes a full day ticket on the learning area, appropriate skis, boots, and poles, and at least a two hour lesson in a guaranteed small group.

Ski and Stay Packages

Usually most of the family-focused resorts offer Ski and Stay packages that include free children's lift tickets, with an adult purchase, as well as free lodging for children. Among other things they offer also multi-day packages with lessons every day, sometimes twice daily, and appropriate equipment upgrades as you progress. Likewise they offer designated beginners' and children's areas - giving you peace of mind about safety and the availability of skill-appropriate hills.

Buy Lift Tickets

If you want to practice downhill Skiing it is necessary to buy lift tickets. Which can be bought at the bottom of the slope, also you can buy it ahead of time. If you prefer Multi-day tickets, they cost less per day. If you want to save some money, you can buy vouches on eBay. Another choice is to buy on local stores that offer specials on lift tickets if you purchase a certain type or number of their goods.


Find out if the resort has slopeside condominiums available, since a condo is the best choice for a family ski vacation. It usually includes two or more bedrooms, a dining room or eating area, and a kitchen, this way you can save money and time instead of eating every meal in a restaurant. Likewise a door to the parking lot saves dragging skis indoors, and it makes for easier access to, and from, the slopes.

If you look for more comfort, an exercise room and pool, can be good extras. Besides you may be surprised to see that you children still have energy, when you are out of it, and an indoor pool is a good way to expend that extra energy.

Consider Renting Equipment For The Kids

If it's your first time, it's recommendable you rent your skis, and be sure to pay for the damage insurance plan just in case something goes wrong and also try to pick up your equipment the night before. Ski rental areas use to be very busy in the morning and considering the amount of time it can take to fit kids, you'll be glad you did. If you'd rather purchase, then look into second-hand equipment through local families or a second-hand sports' equipment store or check out eBay. It is possible you can get former rental skis, boots, and bindings for a fraction of the normal cost.

Child Care

If you have children, plan ahead and review child care options and make your reservations well ahead of time. Some Ski Resorts have on-site child care for children, child care programs, and the option of arranging a nanny to accompany your child throughout the day. Enquire if the resort can provide you with a list of approved babysitters. And most of all make those reservations in advance, when possible, as well.

Go Off-Peak

Off-Peak times at ski hills involve weekdays, evenings, early season and late season. Hitting the slopes during these slow periods, aside from reducing the cost of you lift tickets, also insure that you and your children will get the luxury of a quiet hill, which can be a blessing for beginners.