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Ski insurance

Ski insurance

If you plan to a day on the slopes or a ski vacation, probably ski insurance is something you must consider to have more fun. Ski insurance covers any eventuality even medical needs as you enjoy your skiing adventures.

This insurance provides protection not just for skiing but for other snow activities as well. It can also protect expensive equipment and skiing fee losses.

Take into account, ski insurance is a much needed travel extra such as airport parking and car hire, so traveling without insurance you run the risk of huge losses such as a missed flight, flight delay/cancellation, accidental injury, sickness, a broken bone and more. So, if you participate in any risky activity, a low deductible accident plan can be a smart investment to cover your ski adventure today and let the fun begin.

Ski Insurance Benefits

Ski insurance policy usually includes the following benefits:
  • Medical accidents while you are skiing: It offers emergency medical support while you are skiing.
  • Replacement or repaid of equipment: If your equipment is destroyed, lost or stolen during your skiing holiday, the insurance company may provide you with all or a portion of the value of the equipment. It may also pay for repairs or to replace the equipment.
  • Unused ski packs: If you have ski packs that are not used, this is covered in the policy.
  • Trip delay on your return journey: If there is a delay in your trip going back home because of an avalanche.
  • Personal liability: It covers legally aspects when you cause damage or injury to someone or something.
  • Payments for airlift or emergency evacuation: It includes helicopter or air ambulance recovery, this means, if you are injured on mountains the insurance will cover for the expense of getting you to hospital by whatever means is deemed necessary.
With all these benefits, ski insurance makes real and practical sense to enjoy a hassle-free skiing holiday. Generally, ski insurance policies cover the following winter sports activities when participated in as a leisure activity.
  • Skiing
  • Off Piste Skiing (except in areas designated as unsafe by resort management)
  • Snowboarding with a leash / tether
  • Recreational Racing
  • Mono Skiing
  • Guided Cross Country Skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Tobogganing
  • Ice Skating