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Ski training

Ski training

Physical conditioning is an important part of ski training for that reason many skiers choose programs to be in shape. Spend time in your training improve skiing skills and make tendons, muscles and ligaments flexible; that is why ski training must start a month or two before skiing.

The purpose of ski training is to prepare skiers for performing at a superior level and protecting them from injuries in joints and connective tissue.

Basically, there are three elements on ski training, which demand a lot of commitment and discipline, such as:
  • Ski lessons.
  • Training exercises.
  • Ski fitness.
Below, you can find more information about these important elements. Each winter sport has its own and specific demands on the body, so you must take into account it for choosing the right ski training; however, all these sports require a good conditioning for leg muscles and knees, so there are specific programs focused on these specific muscles on the body.

The following are the most recommend exercises that you can practice during your ski training, but also you can include full body exercise programs:
  • Slacklining for balance.
  • Rock-Hopping for agility and anticipation.
  • Single-Leg Squat for power.
  • The Wheelbarrow push for endurance.
  • TV sits for isometric power
  • Walk Downhill for eccentric loading.
Ski training can also include a variety of techniques such as: the use of a ski machine to offer specific fitness training and develop of the coordination and muscles used in skiing, but alL the different type of training cannot be effective without the proper education. A good way to have a balanced diet includes amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and multi vitamin supplements.

Ski training is a growing requirement for most ski and snow resorts so skiers must take responsibility and learn to ski safely, this not only include correct techniques for snow activities and fitting of ski equipment. This includes knowing the level of skiers and taking physical conditioning seriously.

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Ski lessons
Training Exercises
Ski fitness
 Ski lessons
These are necessaries to learn basic skills, techniques and manoeuvres that people apply on slopes while skiing.
 Training Exercises
It help to maintain a healthy body and good conditions to face the challenges of skiing and better the resistance.
 Ski fitness
It includes activities to get in shape for skiing so muscles and other body parts must be flexible to hit the slopes.