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Kick Turn

Kick Turn

For performance it, it's necessary to do the following steps:
  • First, put your Skis parallel and keep them perpendicular to the Fall Line, while your Ski poles are planted uphill.

  • Rock your lower Ski forward and up, resting the tail on the snow and close to the tip of the other Ski.

  • In this point, you have to rotate the lower Ski 180 degrees, placing the Ski back to the snow again. Then you lean forward and slightly bend your knee. If you look your feet, your Skis will are facing opposite directions.

  • Now, move your weight to the lower Ski and lift your other Ski and position it right next to the lower Ski. You can verify that your both Skis are facing the same direction.
This operation about rotating the Ski in the opposite direction can be uncomfortable in sometimes. Due to this, is recommendable do this maneuver on a flat area first or better yet, if you have someone assist you.