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Linking Turns

Linking Turns

The final step that a beginner has to learn is Linking Turns. In this lesson you combine all you have learned previously. To accomplish this you should be comfortable with traverses as well as rising to a straight position and going down to a bent position while traversing. Also you can practice how to rise and fall surface, and then use the same motion while traversing and maintaining your speed.
  • To begin link turns, it is recommendable to brush up your traverses first. Then start by traversing on moderate slope. Every time you want to change direction turn your head and torso to face the direction where you want to travel and at every moment keep your knees bent and your center of gravity low.

  • During the traversing, try to maintain speed. If you pay attention to your speed from the beginning, this will enable you to slide to where you are going.

  • To accomplish the first turn, shift your weight forward to point the tips of your Skis closer to the Fall Line. According to you position the Skis downhill, you will gain speed. Herein you have the possibility to abort your turn by shifting your weight backwards slightly and moving your Skis perpendicular to the Fall Line.

  • To complete your turn you should move your Skis uphill - across the Fall Line, then turn your head and torso in the direction of your turn, in this way continue linking the turns until you can do it smoothly.
Make your first turns should not be that scary anymore, in order to have enough confidence in your Traversing skills. Whether you get comfortable with your Skis and practice traversing, you will be able to link turns smoothly and effectively.