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Learning the standard stance for Skiing is one of the first steps a beginner should know. If you have a good stance this will pave the way for you to easily learn the succeeding snow exercises such as walking, turning, and moving up the slope. Moreover, having the right stance will minimize the likelihood of falling when you start your first slides at slope.

If you keep a good stance, you will not only look good-like you know what you're doing--but your skiing will become more efficient and enjoyable. Be sure to maintaining a balanced stance and other skills will fall in place much more easily.

Always you try to look up and ahead of your skis and feel your balance rather than peeking at your boots.

Here you will find some keys to a balanced, athletic stance:
  • Try to keep your feet slightly apart--about hip width.

  • Next, let all joints in your legs flex comfortably, starting with your ankles, knees and on up to your hips. At this point your shins should be touching the tongues of your boots very lightly. At every moment, try to be relaxed, not stiff or rigid.

  • Now, hold well your hands (and your poles) comfortably in front of your body. Likewise, hold your poles loosely and tilt your wrists just a little so that the baskets stay just behind your heels.

  • To keep the balance stand centered over your feet--with your hips and shoulders over your boots--that means, use good posture. Be sure to feel even pressure under the entire length of your foot.

  • Keeping slight pressure against the tongues of your