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First Turns

First turns

At the beginning some instructors may teach parallel skiing in the first lesson, but for the majority of aspiring skiers the wedge is the initial vehicle towards parallel skiing.

It's very important to practice exercises in sequence as a means towards our ultimate goal--to have fun!

Besides, you will work sequentially through the topics and exercises in this goal.

Bullfighter turns

At the beginning execute the Bullfighter "turn" on flat terrain, and after, if you are comfortable, proceed to try it on a very gentle slope.

To accomplish this turn, position your skis across the hill.

Turn your upper body towards the bottom of the hill until your shoulders face down the hill, when you are keeping your skis stationary.
  • Position your skis across the hill.

  • While keeping your skis stationary across the hill, turn your upper body towards the bottom of the hill until your shoulders face down the hill (they should be perpendicular to your skis.) Don't let your skis follow!

  • Hold well the top of the pole grips in the palm of your hands.

  • Now, the same way that a bullfighter, point your poles (at shoulder width) down the hill and "plant" them downhill, well down the hill from you. Pay attention your balance and don't let the skis unwind yet.

  • All time try to keep your poles firmly planted and your arms straight, slowly lean forward onto the poles and support your weight with the poles, which will keep you from sliding forward.

  • And in order to finish, slowly step around in a circle until your skis point down the hill. Use tiny steps. Then you have basically "unwound" yourself and now you're facing down the hill--ready to ski.