Cross Country, Telemark Skiing, and Snowshoeing

Cross Country, Telemark Skiing, and Snowshoeing

If you have decided to practice the sports that are included in this section, you should take into account, they also require less instruction in order to become proficient, alike from downhill skiing or snowboarding, it means "low" rating in Skill.

Telemark is an exception with a "medium" rating because skier need more time to master.

These sports also demand you should have strength endurance ranks "high" since the large muscles of the core, or torso, and legs coordinated with the upper body are required to work for an extended period of time, with the athlete usually carrying a fairly substantial pack.

Skiers who practice Cross country, snowshoeing, and Telemark, should focus primarily on muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance, with medium amounts of work on shoulder, core and leg strength, flexibility (particularly in the shoulders, core and hip flexors) and skill training, and little emphasis on body size development, power or speed (unless the goal is competition).

Below, see the activity you need to train for snow travel across moderate terrain.

Strength Endurance high
Streght medium
Power low
Speed low
Cardiovascular medium
Structure low
Skill medium
Flexibility medium