Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding

Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding

The requirements for the Downhill Skier or snowboarder will look substantially different and might vary depending on the desired level of skiing one wish to reach. For accomplishing this, skiers need to work their flexibility mainly in the calves and core, in order to complete quick transitions on skis and successfully maneuver moguls.

For example, Downhill skiers need to prepare closer to ski season for staying in the low crouch position for upwards of 5-8 minutes, or more, depending on anticipated speed going down the slopes. Skiers have a general preparation in the late summer or early part of fall might include some biking, running, hiking or stairs.

Further, they have a specific preparation closer to ski season should shift toward developing muscular endurance and strength in the upper back, core, and legs.

For improvement their focus on strength,while still providing an increase in your stamina, is to do circuit training a few times a week, alternating between strength training moves and lateral jumps or hops chosen specifically to simulate the moves you will be making on the slopes.

For achieving these activities it is necessary to work more in different way in some points like:

Strength Endurance medium
Streght medium
Power medium
Speed medium
Cardiovascular low
Structure low
Skill medium
Flexibility medium